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Raising Body Confident Kids:


Parenting course

From ‘theory’ to ‘reality!’

When it comes to raising kids who feel good about themselves and their bodies the tools you learned in the seminar will have set you up brilliantly.

Now it’s time to put those tools into action and learn a bunch more. Tools that will cover all manner of concerns that arise at different ages and stages.

And that’s what you’ll get in the online course. Everything you need to raise body confident kids, plus support to deal with anything thrown at you.

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What’s included?

  • 55 audio lessons (3-15 min each) that cover all aspects of parenting, over ten learning modules. Each module includes training on how to put the tools into action in your family, plus downloads and printable scripts.
  • Either 12 months or lifetime access depending on the plan you choose. Most people choose lifetime access as different tools are helpful at different stages.  
  • Live Q & A sessions with Emma. With the Gold Plan you get access to a private facebook group and 12 months access to group coaching sessions. 
  • Money back guarantee, on all plans. 


You get access to email and messenger help with any questions that you would like fast or anonymous support with. 

What's included in the course
What the course covers

What the course covers…

  • Why our kids behave like they do, and fight us about what they eat.
  • Controlling your environment, the dos, don’ts and best practices for body confidence.
  • Food and mealtimes, from battles and angst to freedom and competence.
  • Handling hard conversations (about bodies, fatness, food, sex, bullying etc), so they can hear what you say.
  • Sleep routines. Why bother, how to, the changes you’ll see. 
  • Doing tech well, teaching them to be discerning about what they are watching.
  • Interviews, stories and other helpful resources. 

Course plan options…

Choose the option that suits you best. 

Bonze, gives you 12 months access.

Silver, gives you lifetime access, without support.

Gold, gives you lifetime access with 12 months coaching support.

School special. Save 20% and Anita’s Dance Academy gets $50.

Money Back Gurantee

Enjoy more confident kids, or your money back

If you don’t notice and love the improvement in your parenting and see a change in your kids within 30 days, I insist on refunding you in full—promptly without question.

Parent Spotlight


“Emma’s course was a life-changer for our family.

We learnt so much vital information and practical tips that gave us the confidence to have those hard conversations and answer those hard questions!! As the mother of three girls, I feel such responsibility to arm them with the tools they need to feel ok in their bodies and navigate this world that has such emphasis on looking a certain way.”

– Michelle


The results are immediate!

Wow I’ve been using one of your strategies and what a difference. It’s the easiest thing ever and the results are immediate. My child has been withdrawn for so long and suddenly they are walking around with their chest puffed up!!!”

– Anonymous

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“It’s changed our lives.

“I wanted help to make sure I wasn’t passing on my negative body issues to my daughter. I got SO much more than I expected! I can say it’s changed our lives.” 

– Anonymous


“A lightbulb moment.

Hearing Emma speak was a light bulb moment – I realised that I was unconsciously creating ‘guilt’ food habits for my children. In the age of too much information and so much pressure, it’s refreshing to have guidance from someone who has been there herself and is willing to share her poignant journey. Emma is an inspiration in this minefield of positive body image.

– Rachel

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“I got a shift in perspective.

“I was terrified that my daughter was emerging into teenhood having inherited all my “food and body issues”, I realised I had to sort myself out so I could help her. I got a shift in perspective that has helped me let go of control and learn to trust my daughter and myself more when it comes to food.”

– Christine


What does each module of the course cover?

Module One:

Setting the scene. 

  • Why your kids think and act like they do (5 mins)
  • The two ways our kids get their needs met (3 mins)                     
  • How kids decide what they are valued for (3 mins)
  • A new perspective on health & weight (9mins)
  • Your need for control and why it matters (6 mins)
  • The most powerful tool for body confidence (14 mins)

Module Two:

Controlling your environment, the dos, don’ts and best practices for body confidence

  • Instead of praising, do this (10 mins)
  • Using consequences to empower (9 mins)
  • Compliments to boost confidence (4 mins)
  • Using rewards to motivate? What to do instead? (6 mins)
  • Declutter unhelpful messages in your home (& their social feeds) (5 mins)
  • What to do with family scales (4 mins)
  • It’s no joke (3 mins) 
  • Shift your child’s focus from looks to ability (3 mins)
  • A stereotype to watch out for (3 mins)
  • Teaching kids digital trickery (3 mins)

Module Three:

Food & mealtimes, from battles and angst to freedom and competence

  • The real feeding goal (4 mins)
  • Who is responsible for what at mealtimes? (7 mins)
  • Putting nutrition in perspective (3 mins)
  • 10 ways to create mealtime calm (11 mins)
  • They are more capable than you think (8 mins)
  • What you can control & why you should (5 mins)
  • How to handle dessert without power struggles (4 mins)
  • How to deal with sugar + no more begging for sweets when shopping (8 mins)
  • The ways we discourage (but don’t mean to) & what we can do instead (5 mins)

Module Four:

Handling conversations that make us want to run for the hills


Module Five:

Sleep routines. Why bother, how to, the changes you’ll see

  • What you need to know before you make changes (4 mins)
  • The real sleep goal (5 mins)
  • How to structure your evening for success (8 mins)
  • How to structure your day for success (4 mins)
  • How to stay in your lane when things get tough (6 mins)
  • Your sleep routine & why it matters (2 mins)

Module Six:

Doing tech well. Getting your kids to use Technology with respect, discernment and self regulation

  • Are your kids addicted?
  • No good tool comes without dangers
  • The tech mistakes most parents make
  • What you can control and what you can’t
  • The Tech contract that empowers and boosts body confidence
  • Turning poor choices into teaching tools

Module Seven:

Parenting strategies that leads to resilient kids who believe in themselves

  • Ending power struggles quickly
  • Seeing the payoff (why they continue behaviour you hate)
  • Getting kids to help around the house, without having to ask
  • Setting up allowances to empower
  • Deeper issues behind ‘sugar’, tantrums, and nagging
  • Strategies for anxious children
  • They won’t listen. Ten way to engage them

Module Eight:

The tool that builds confidence and self belief for the whole family


Module Nine:

Succeeding the whole way along your parenting journey

  • Reviewing the strategies
  • Getting your partner on the same page
  • Solo parenting, divorce parenting and how to help your child handle competing messages
  • Your body confidence – what’s required, where to get help and what to do next

Module Ten:

Interviews, Stories, and other helpful resources

  • Emma’s Story
  • How diet culture infiltrates our kids
  • 8 eating disorder redflags
  • Interview with Kristina Bruce, body acceptance coach (60 mins)
  • Interview with Kim Corley, sleep expert (60 mins)
  • Interview with Evelyn Tribole, author of Intuitive Eating (24 mins)
  • Interview with Serefin Upton, relationship coach

This offer ends soon. The time to act is now.

Choose the option that suits you best. 

Bonze, gives you 12 months access.

Silver, gives you lifetime access, without support.

Gold, gives you lifetime access with 12 months coaching support.

School special. Save 20% and Anita’s Dance Academy gets $50.

This is a limited time offer to support Anita’s Dance Academy. Thank you for wanting to make the world better for the next generation.

Emma Wright

Raising Body Confident Kids Online Course

I’m a kiwi mum of two, who knows how much better life is without fighting my body and worrying about my kids. Let’s walk this incredible journey together!

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