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Master Healthy Body Talk

and raise a happier family


Watch the 90 min replay

“I got so much out of listening to the replay yesterday. My head hasn’t stopped buzzing!”

Get your family talking about bodies, food and weight in a positive, healthy way.

In this 90 mins you’ll learn:

  • why talking about bodies/food/weight is so fraught and how to relieve that tension
  • how to get your kids to talk about food/weight/bodies with positive long term outcomes
  • the five words to omit from your vocab that will boost everyone’s confidence
  • a five-step process to respond to ‘I hate my fat….’ and other negative comments that leaves everyone feeling empowered
  • how to avoid the most common practice that leads to long term body issues

Empower yourself and your family!

Master Healthy Body Talk
Master Healthy Body Talk

Parenting isn’t easy, but who knew food and body conversations would be so tricky?

Why is it, that despite trying our best, we can still end up feeling worried, like we’ve said the wrong thing?

Master Healthy Body Talk

Guess what? You don’t have to figure out what to say on your own.

I’m Emma Wright and I’ve been where you are. I did all the health and wellness ‘things’ and ended up with kids sneaking food, saying they hated their bodies and mealtime battles. I had my own issues and desperately didn’t want them to go down the same track.

In this 90 min seminar, I’ll share the most important step to creating long term body confidence – how to talk about weight/bodies and food. You’ll save time, stress and know you’re creating long term health as you put the principles of what you learn into practice. 

NO more anxious conversations!

Master Healthy Body Talk

Learn how to have conversations that lead to long term health in 90 short minutes.

  1. purchase access now
  2. listen, take notes and put the lessons into immediate practice
  3. Watch yourself and your family thrive without breaking the bank
Master Healthy Body Talk
  • Affordable – only $17
  • Easy access online from home
  • For parents of toddlers to teens, all genders
  • It’s never to early, the seeds of discontent are already being sown
  • Use what you learn forever
  • Seminar aimed at ‘busy parents’ – practical and immediately useful

Stop guessing, start following the evidence

  • Tools and practices based on long term studies, not sciency sounding anecdotes
  • Know exactly what to say & and how to act, no matter who you’re talking with
  • Easy to follow scripts to help with extra tricky situation

Make lasting change in 90 mins

  • Make life-changing shifts (for you and your kids) 
  • Have more connected conversations from the get go
  • Get your questions answered by me, the body confidence coach
Master Healthy Body Talk

All this for $17.

For access, click the button below and fill in your details. If you don’t get value from the seminar, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. 

Want to a free 10 Principles of body confidence printable before taking the seminar?

Once you’ve purchased the seminar I’ll guide you step by step through accessing the seminar and getting the most out of it


Master Healthy Body Talk

Emma, the Body Confidence Coach

I’m a kiwi mum of two, who knows how much better life is without fighting my body and worrying about my kids. I can’t wait to share everything I know!