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Why I created this program...

Most women that I know, don’t want to think about their body as much as they do and they sure as chips can’t face (or have vowed not to!) go on another diet. Most don’t want to be skinny, but know they’d feel better if their body was different. Maybe you’ve actually had that experience. You lost weight and people were nicer. Life was easier. 

If you can relate, I get the stuckness. Damned if you do, right?

Truth is, down deep, I bet you care about your well-being. A lot. I’d hazzard that you want more confidence, but nothing you’ve done really works. How’s that internal war? Exhausting? Almost everyone I work with tells the same story. It’s awful seeing photos of yourself. You hate catching sight of your reflection. You’ve lost your spark and you’re sick of that nasty voice in your head. And please, don’t even mention ‘love your body’ – it’s not going to happen.

80% of women don’t like their bodies. 77% of health providers don’t either.
Big problem: Health providers – many of whom set out to help women change their bodies – are rarely trained to get under the hood of body image, let alone know what to do if they do get it open. They are just as stuck trying to feel better about themselves as the rest of us. 


My solution: Women, Power & Wellbeing 1:1 private coaching will help you step out of the frustrating patterns, thoughts, habits that have you on auto-pilot. Going back to the fridge when you’ve vowed not to, anyone?

The coaching puts you back in the driver’s seat. It gives you tools to create rather than fix. Fixing asks you to put life on hold until you’re sorted. What a dreary way to live that is! Creating gives you confidence to live now. Small change. Massive difference.

I’m ready to help, when you’re ready to start.


Women, Power & Wellbeing is for you if...

  • You want your body and food struggles to be behind you  
  • You want to break the generational cycle of body shame that was handed down via your family 
  • You want to meet yourself in the mirror, in photos, in the changing room with neutrality and compassion – so the experience doesn’t ruin your day 
  • You don’t want to be judged for wanting to lose weight or told to love your body 
  • You have a mess in your head where your body is concerned and you are ready for that to change!
  • You intellectually get that all bodies are good bodies but you know life would be better if your body was different
  • You want power to take care of yourself without feeling guilty, frustrated or hopeless 

  If you said YES to the above, let me introduce you to…


The Women, Power & Wellbeing 1:1 private coaching program

My promise: you’ll transform your relationship to your body and food. You will have power to care for yourself, like yourself again and feel okay about photos – being in them, looking at them, knowing they exist. 
For me, learning the Women, Power & Wellbeing coaching tools was like realising I’d been looking backwards my whole life and I got turned around. I’d been trying to intellectualize my way into living life. I read a million books, listened to twice as many podcasts, but what I learned never got into my bones, or my belly, or my day-to-day thought patterns. 
I’m sure you know the story. You can’t run a marathon by reading books about running marathons. You can’t sit around for a year listening, then show up at the start line and expect to finish. You have to practice. 
I was trying to fix myself with knowledge, without putting anything into practice. I had to feel my body. Listen to it. Connect with it. Make it feel safe and heard and cared for. Practice is hard, sore, messy. It requires time and work and energy. But practicing changed, well, basically everything about the way I experienced my body and eating. I want that for you too! 

What can you expect to happen during Women, Power & Wellbeing private coaching?

  • Shift in perspective: You’ll do practices to experience your body and eating in a whole new way and be able to make more powerful choices for yourself
  • Create safety: You’ll have the experience of creating safety and feeling deep peace within yourself
  • Increase in self compassion: You’ll be kinder to yourself and others without having to ‘be positive’ or try and be nicer
  • Increase in confidence: You’ll have your own back, regardless of how you look 
  • A way forward: Learn and practice a process that will heal your relationship with your body and food 
  • Let go of trying to love or accept your body: instead feel an alignment with it 

The coaching program will impact the way you feel about how you look and eat. You’ll have less anxiety and be able to bring yourself back to calm!


What’s the process of enrolling?

  1. Begin by registering your interest here
  2. You will be offered a 20-min complimentary (100% obligation free) call to make sure we are a good fit for each other – it’s vital you feel safe with me! – and sent more detailed information about the program
  3. If you want to proceed, you will be sent a registration form, a coaching contract and an invoice (payment plans are available)
  4. Your place in the program will be secured when you sign your contract and pay your invoice installment
  5. You’ll be sent a link to book your coaching calls at times that work for you  –  each call is about two weeks apart. Your calls will be via Google Meet (or an agreed alternative)
  6. You’ll be given practices at each session to do between coaching calls


Some finer detail…

  • The program consists of 10 private coaching calls
  • The calls are at times that suit you and about two weeks apart
  • The program will take about four months
  • You will be given homework to practice between calls that will solidify what you learn in the calls

How much does it cost?

Normally the program is $2500 (payment plans available).

I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR CLIENTS TO WORK WITH TO COMPLETE MY CERTIFICATION. During July, I will be accepting 15 clients for a 12 coaching call program for $1500. Payment plans are available. Please register your interest by clicking the orange button and filling out the form.

What other's have said...


“I no longer hate myself”

I really didn’t like my body before this coaching and I didn’t like looking at myself. I now feel okay when I look at photos of myself and see myself. I no longer hate myself, feel bad about myself or feel like I have to fix myself. 


“I would definitely recommend this program”

I would definitely recommend this programme to all women who want to be free from feeling controlled and obedient to a system and beliefs that consumes too much of their days, years and lives, and who want to model a different relationship with their bodies for our children.

I have a fire in my belly to help women get their power back. If that’s what you want, I’d love to work with you. 
Emma x