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Ready To Cultivate A Healthy Relationship With Your Body? 

(Without feeling judged, offered unrealistic advice or wasting precious years fighting with yourself) 

It is possible to feel the way you want to, about your body…

From: Emma Wright

Where: Aotearoa, New Zealand


How important is it for you to feel free in your body?

For everyone, freedom means something slightly different…


For some of you, it means ending the war you have with your body and being able to maintain healthy behaviours.

For others, it means having confidence and self-respect and setting healthy boundaries.

And for more still, it’s ending the body shame cycle handed down from your parents, so you don’t hand it down to your kids. 

Before I share MY GOAL for YOU joining the Women, Power & Wellbeing coaching program… let me ask you a few questions…





    • Want to spend less time thinking about your body and what you eat?
    • Want to stop constantly worrying about your health?
    • Want to stop feeling like you’ve failed?
    • Want the courage to speak up when you are being disrespected?
    • Want to step out of the yo-yo dieting cycle and never have to diet again?
    • Want to break generational patterns of body shame for you and your kids?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then the Women, Power & Wellbeing program is right for you.

What do I get in the coaching program?

It will leave you…

  • With power over intrusive and unwanted thoughts 
  • Feeling good about your body (the war will end)
  • Knowing where health, nutrition, and well-being actions are trapping you rather than freeing you
  • Eating peacefully and feeling fully satisfied 
  • With embodied tools, not just an intellectual grasp of body confidence ideas 
  • Practising sustainable health behaviours 
  • Easily able to reject messages that make you feel bad
  • Able to nourish yourself without anxiety, stress or overthinking
  • Clear about the root causes of body issues 
  • Able to create an environment that supports you
  • Able to advocate for yourself
  • and much, much more….

With the Women, Power & Wellbeing coaching program you can…

Join from wherever you want

Forget about finding a coach in your hometown. Cultivate body freedom from home or the office.

Enjoy A Fixed Timeframe


Enrolling in the Women, Power & Wellbeing coaching program means you know when the program will end from the beginning. You don’t have to worry about coaching going on for endless sessions!

Save Money


If you add up the potential cost of future diets, nutrition consults, cleanses, supplements, yoga, and/or gym memberships that go the same way as health programs in the past, the Women, Power & Body Freedom is worth far more than it costs! You will be empowered to practice sustainable health behaviours because you’ll be working with your body, not against it.

Many clients report that the Women, Power & Wellbeing program is invaluable.

Beth, for example, enrolled in the Women, Power & Wellbeing coaching program because she couldn’t face going on another diet, hated the judgement she felt from others and wanted to feel more confident in herself.

After completing the program, Beth told me:

“This course came into my life when I was worried about my health but knew dieting wasn’t the solution. I felt ugly and struggled to stand up for myself. The program gave me a perspective shift that ended the war and boosted my confidence. I wish I’d had this program years ago.”


Coaching fee $1500 (payment plans available)

What happens next if you register your interest?


You will be offered an obligation free chance to learn more about the program and more about me as a coach. It’s vital in any coaching program that you like and trust your coach.


You’ll get the chance to book a complimentary 20 min call where you get to ‘stress test’ my coaching. I will also make sure coaching is the best next step for you and suggest safe alternatives if there is a better place to get what you’re looking for.


I want you to have what I’ve got and the women I coach now have. Are you ready?