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Learn To Help Kids/Teens Cultivate a Healthy Relationship with Food 

(A program for parents, teachers and coaches, endorsed by medical professionals) 

Learning how to support a long term healthy relationship with food in your child is quicker and easier than you think… 

How important to you, is your child’s relationship with food and their body?

From: Emma Wright

Where: Aotearoa, New Zealand


How important is Cultivating Body Confidence in Kids/Teens to you…?

For every parent, teacher and coach, it’s slightly different…


For some, it means stopping the concerning behaviour around food and bodies you’ve seen in your child or teen.

For others, it means knowing how to create a healthy environment in your home, class or sports team so kids won’t develop food and body thoughts that compromise their mental and physical health.

And for many, it’s making sure your kids don’t grow up with unwanted, intrusive thoughts about food and their bodies, like so many of us have.


Before I share why I created the Cultivating Body Confidence in the Digital Age Program… let me ask you a few questions…


  • Worry about what your child/ren eats and how it might affect their health?

  • Hear them make concerning food or body comments?

  • See concerning food or body behaviours in your child?

  • Have concerns about the messages kids/teens get from social media or how they use their devices?

  • Get frustrated when kids fight at the table or ignore your food rules?

  • Berate, chastise and tell yourself off for shouting or getting angry at kids around food, exercise and screen use.

  • Worry that they’ll develop an unhealthy relationship with food or worse still, develop a mental health problem?

  • Lie awake at night worried you’re doing or saying the wrong things?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then the Cultivating Body Confidence in the Digital Age Program is right for you.

What do I get when I enrol in the Cultivating Body Confidence Program?

The Cultivating Body Confidence Program will teach you…

  1. What makes kids/teens food thoughts intrusive and unwanted
  2. The three factors that motivate kids/teens eating choices
  3. Why so much common nutrition, health and well-being information steals body confidence, rather than promotes it
  4. How to teach kids eating competence so you don’t have to manage or control what they eat
  5. What the main body-confidence tools are
  6. How to recognise early warning signs of overthinking food and what to do
  7. how we help kids/teens get out of their head and into their body 
  8. How to talk to kids/teens about food/bodies so they will listen
  9. How to help kids nourish themselves without anxiety, stress or overthinking
  10. What the real cause of food issues are
  11. How to help a child have a mind devoid of food and body noise
  12. How to help a child master their device, not be at it’s mercy 
  13. How to help a child reject unhelpful social messages about food and their body
  14. How to set up your home, class or team with positive body/food messages
  15. Language to use and to avoid to promote body confidence
  16. How to help a child self-manage sugar without tension
  17. How to help a child self-manage device time and sleep without fighting
  18. The hidden reason why body confidence is so hard  
  19. and much, much more….

“People often think that learning to cultivate body confidence is complicated. It doesn’t have to be. In the Cultivating Body Confidence Program, you will learn how to parent, teach and coach kids so they reject unhelpful messages and develop a healthy relationship with food, regardless of their current behaviour or how you feel about your body.”

Emma Wright

With the Cultivating Body Confidence Online Program you can…

Learn whenever (or wherever) you want

Forget about having to attend counselling, PD or parenting classes at the same time every week, regardless of work, family or personal commitments. Learn to cultivate body confidence when (and where) it suits you!

Learn at your own pace

Enrolling in the Comprehensive Cultivating Body Confidence in the Digital Age means that you can learn as fast (or slow) as you want. Want to repeat a session? No problem – watch the video lesson again to make sure you understand the main points!

Save Money

Traditional therapy (if it comes to that) can take years and cost in the thousands. The Comprehensive Cultivating Body Confidence in the Digital Age is worth far more than it costs!

Save Time

Many parenting, coaching and teaching programmes focused on body image, feeding, nutrition and mental health typically take 16-24 weeks to complete, often more. By purchasing the Cultivating Body Confidence in the Digital Age you will learn to support kids/teens in your care in just a few weeks (or less!).

Start Today

Don’t want to wait until a serious problem has set in? Cultivating Body Confidence in the Digital Age eliminates the need to wait on others to start helping your child/teen live without a head full of food and body noise.

Many people report that the Cultivating Body Confidence program is invaluable.

Beth, for example, enrolled in the Cultivating Body Confidence Program when she noticed her child sneaking food and refusing to swim with friends.

After completing the program, Beth said: 

“This course came into my life when I was so worried and frustrated. I had no idea what to do. I felt like I was failing my child. The tools I learned have become a vital part of my parenting. My child and I are closer and I’m not worried anymore.”


When you purchase the Cultivating Body Confidence in the Digital Age Program you get…


  • 12 Months Access to the Cultivating Body Confidence Online Program
  • Access To the Cultivating Body Confidence Online Workbook 
  • Access To the Cultivating Body Confidence Online Cheatsheats

Total value $150

Need more info before you make a decision?


Are you worried the lessons in the Cultivating Body Confidence Program will take too long for your busy schedule? I’m a busy mum and get how hard it can be to jam more into our lives. I’ve designed this course to be time-effective. The lessons are short, and designed with the busiest parents in mind.


Are you worried the Cultivating Body Confidence Program won’t work for the kids in your family, classroom or team? Perhaps you’ve tried other solutions, and nothing has worked so far. Or maybe you worry the information will be too generic for your children. That’s why I offer a money-back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Money Back Gurantee

The  Cultivating Body Confidence Program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee!
This means that if you’re unhappy with the Cultivating Body Confidence Program for any reason in the first 30 days after purchase, then I want you to get 100% of your money back.
Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse

So please join the waitlist so you can take the course as soon as it’s upgraded…

Yes, there will be some work involved.
Yes, you will need to prioritise your kids/teens wellbeing and self-care skills…
But every day for a few weeks, you’ll be taking big steps toward alleviating (and preventing) unwanted voices in your children’s heads, helping them reject damaging social messages and interacting with their devices in a constructive way!
My question for you is…

Are you ready?


The best time to learn is now.

The Cultivating Body Confidence program is only $150

(it’s one of the most cost effective parenting programs)

What do parents who have taken this course say?

Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse

“A lightbulb moment.

Hearing Emma speak was a light bulb moment – I realised that I was unconsciously creating ‘guilt’ food habits for my children. In the age of too much information and so much pressure, it’s refreshing to have guidance from someone who has been there herself and is willing to share her poignant journey. Emma is an inspiration in this minefield of positive body image.

– Rachel

Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse

“I got a shift in perspective.

“I was terrified that my daughter was emerging into teenhood having inherited all my “food and body issues”, I realised I had to sort myself out so I could help her. I got a shift in perspective that has helped me let go of control and learn to trust my daughter and myself more when it comes to food.”

– Christine

Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse

“Confidence going forward.

“I wanted support with how to deal with my teenage daughter’s recent weight gain. Emma was incredibly empathetic and understanding, and made me feel like I was not going crazy. I learned a number of tools how I could improve the situation at home, and in relation to the world at large. It gave me a lot of confidence going forward, in being a supportive and loving mother to my teenage daughter rather than feeling (externally) pressured to change my daughter’s weight and “do something about it”

– Anisha

What do health professionals say?

Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse

“Emma’s lived experience, coupled with her evidence-based solutions, give me confidence in endorsing this course wholeheartedly.”

– Lilly-Belle James, Registered Nurse, Auckland Hospital 

Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse

Emma’s work has changed the way I speak to clients. I think her course is a valuable part of any parent’s toolkit. 

– Dr Sarah Jenkins, MD

Here’s what happens once you join the waitlist…

You’ll fill out a short survey to make sure the course is right for you.
You’ll also get helpful tools and tips to put into practice.
You will be informed when the program has been upgraded and ready for enrollments. You can then decide if the program is for you.