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Anita’s Dance Academy invites you to this special scholarship fundraising event: Raising Body Confident Kids.

Our scholarship fund makes it possible for kids to dance who may not be able to afford lessons. 

WHAT: Raising Body Confident Kids 45 min pre-recorded seminar + live Q & A.

WHEN: Link sent at 7.30 on June 14 – you have 7 days to watch

WHO: Parents of toddlers to teens

TICKETS: $19 (Anita’s Dance Academy gets $10 from each ticket)

The pre-recorded seminar will teach you how to help your kids:

  • Feel more at ease around food, so they eat the same way whether a parents is in the room or not (no more hiding, sneaking or food battles)
  • Know that who they are as a person is more important than how they look. 
  • Be discerning about what they watch on screens and understand that the images they see often do not reflect reality.
  • Meet painful food or body situations with resilience and fortitude. 

Join Emma for a Live Q & A on Zoom after watching the seminar. 


After the seminar, parents are sent three BONUS TOOLS to help them incorporate what they’ve learned into everyday family life. 


Parents who wish to deepen their understanding of these lessons will get a special offer to purchase the online parenting course. For every course purchased, the school get’s $50.

Check your inbox for your ticket purchase confirmation