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Ready to help your child/teen cultivate a healthy relationship with food and their body?

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Raising Body Confident Kids

“The results are immediate.

Wow I’ve been using one of your strategies and what a difference. It’s the easiest thing ever and the results are immediate. My child has been withdrawn for so long and suddenly they are walking around with their chest puffed up! 

– Anonymous

Raising Body Confident Kids

“Emma’s course was a life-changer for our family.

We learnt so much vital information and practical tips that gave us the confidence to have those hard conversations and answer those hard questions!! As the mother of three girls, I feel such responsibility to arm them with the tools they need to feel ok in their bodies and navigate this world that has such emphasis on looking a certain way.”

– Michelle

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Raising Body Confident Kids

Cultivating Body Confidence Online Course

I’m a kiwi mum of two, who knows how much better life is without fighting my body and worrying about my kids. Let’s walk this incredible journey together!