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Purchase your ticket to the Stanley Bay School Raising Body Confident Kids watch party + Q & A here.

WHAT: Raising Body Confident Kids seminar watch party with Q & A

WHERE: Stanley Bay School

WHEN: 7.30, Thursday, Aug 18

WHO: Parents of toddlers to teens

TICKETS: $25 (School receives a $15 donation from each ticket sold – so please, share with your friends). 

This (in)famous event is based on parents saying they want their child:

  • To reject messages that tell them their body is flawed. 
  • To eat the same way if we are in the room or not. 
  • To respect and care for their bodies. 
  • To not hate their reflection in mirrors and judge their worth on the size of their jeans. 
  • To believe that who they are as a person is more important than how they look
  • To know that if someone bullies them about their body, something was wrong with that person, not them. 
  • To have resilience and fortitude and be able to stand up for themselves in the face of adversity or peer pressure. 

If we want to raise a child to have food freedom and body respect, we have to do things differently from what so many parenting conventions teach us to do. That’s the journey this fundraising seminar starts you on. 

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