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Purchase your ticket to the Raising Body Confident Kids seminar for preschool parents here.

WHAT: Raising Body Confident Kids 45 min video seminar + zoom call

WHEN: Watch the video in your own time. NOV 3, 8.30pm Zoom call

WHO: Parents of preschoolers


The seminar is based on parents saying they want their child:

  • To reject messages that tell them their body is flawed. 
  • To eat without overthinking. 
  • To respect and care for their bodies and eat the same way whether parents are in the room or not. 
  • To not hate their reflection in mirrors and judge their worth on the size of their jeans. 
  • To believe that who they are as a person is more important than how they look
  • To know that if someone bullies them about their body, something was wrong with that person, not them. 
  • To have resilience and fortitude and be able to stand up for themselves in the face of adversity or peer pressure. 

If we want to raise a child to have food freedom and body respect, we have to do things differently from what so many parenting conventions teach us to do. We need to… 

  • Understand health and weight from a new perspective,  
  • Help our child self-regulate sleep and screens, 
  • Teach our child to stand up for their body being accepted even when (especially when) it doesn’t fit culturally sanctioned measurements,
  • Learn how to talk with our child so both parties can listen to each other, 
  • Have hard conversations so our child will come to us when needed, rather than believe “ I could never tell that to my parents!”  

That’s the journey this fundraising education program starts you on. 

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